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The LCBRU public / general website is at

This is the wiki for the Leicester Cardiovascular BRU informatics team. We use it to document the systems we have in use, the studies we are supporting, and the configurations, settings and other necessary information for keeping everything running smoothly. If you are a member of LCBRU staff, please do help us by editing the wiki regularly - you will need to log in (menu in top right corner of the page) to edit content. Don't be scared of making edits - we can always roll back to a previous version if something goes wrong.

We also use this system for recording 'tickets' when work needs to be done. Again, you will need to be logged in to create, edit or view tickets.

Please remember that this wiki is visible to anonymous visitors, so that we can share information with collaborators and colleagues outside the LCBRU. But that means we must not include any passwords or usernames in the documentation, or any example data which is not entirely fabricated. Items which must be kept confidential should be recorded in tickets, not in the wiki.

  • SystemAdmin System admin information for the LCBRU server infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure components
    • Backups data backup requirements and processes.
    • DNS DNS configuration for
    • Eclipse development tool kit.
    • JBoss Settings, experiences and gotchas from working with the JBoss Application Server
    • Maven development tool kit.
    • MS SQL issues MS SQL Server commands, gotchas and bugs
    • Oracle Oracle commands, gotchas and bugs
    • ServiceDeployment recommendations for flexible service deployment.
    • SSH ssh keys and configuration.
    • Subversion source code repository.
    • Tomcat Middleware for the Onyx questionnaire tool.
    • Trac issue tracking system.
    • VirtualBox VirtualBox commands and bugs

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