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Onyx is a web-based application that manages participant baseline interviews at assessment centres or clinics

Components within Onyx:


See OnyxVersions for detailed information about deployment of briccs-onyx versions.

Onyx, tomcat and Java versions

Onyx uses the tomcat6 application server. In theory this should work with any version of Java. However, experience teaches us that the OpenJDK does not work, on Ubuntu servers at least, with tomcat6. This is a particular problem when the servers are being updated, as the default system configuration of Ubuntu is to use OpenJDK - either exclusively or at least as the default option.

It is crucial that the Sun java package is installed (from the partners repository) and that JAVA_HOME is explicitly set in /etc/default/tomcat6 to point to the Sun java.

Note: Sun Java 6 is no longer available, as of 2013, and java-6-oracle needs to be used instead. This can be obtained from the webup8 repository. See:

We probably need to update Onyx, or stop using it altogether.

Onyx closedown

In October 2014, we migrated BRICCS recruitment from Onyx to REDCap. After which we began a phased programme of completing the data records held in Onyx prior to a final export. This process was documented at the Onyx closedown page.

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