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Aortic Stenosis Study

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BRICCS sub-study investigating patients with Aortic Stenosis.


Recruiting underway.


Project Management
Muntaser Musameh


Data Warehouse
i2b2 Summary (Uses same i2b2 project as BRICCS Study)
REDCap Summary (Uses the same REDCap questionnaire as the BRICCS Study, but with some amendments.)
Sample Management
OpenSpecimen Summary (Uses the same protocol as BRICCS Study, but with some amendments.)
Northampton Laptop
We have given a laptop to Northampton for their use
Derby Laptop
We have agreed to pay for a laptop for Derby
BRICCS Data Request
017, 027, 029


Data Integration

Uses BRICCS databases and hence BRICCS data integrations apply


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External Sites

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