LCBRU SVN system

This is a page for discussing the Subversion version control system, used to support various projects managed or developed within the LCBRU.

Our svn is provided by the University of Leicester RCS team, at

We currently have five repositories within the LCBRU project:

Access is via UOL username and password.

Previously LCBRUIT ran its own svn service but this has been discontinued, with all files and revisions transferred to the above service.

Example of a SVN process

For ref Dan's working folder on C drive is "C:\Work\reporting\SSIS_projects"
and ​ is the repository URL
To start with ensure you are working on the most up to date version on your PC before you do the work.

svn update

Then do the work
When you are ready to commit the changes do the following:

svn status <- checks what you've done is changed

svn add filename

svn delete filename

Then finish with...
svn commit -m "Ensure you add a message detailing what you've done"

You can also do a status check at the end to ensure all is committed correctly just do
svn status
and you should not get any listing back (nothing is different from the repository)

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