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UoL LAMP Server

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The University of Leicester provides LAMP servers with a standard set of services, but some restrictions on what a user can do. The servers sit behind a Pound proxy. For more information about LAMP servers see the UoL LAMP Wiki.

For advanced management, contact the University Helpdesk.


All the files that a user requires to change are in the /local directory. This directory contains the perl, python, apache and tomcat config settings and log files. It is also where you must install new libraries for [Python] and [PHP]. This is documented in the UoL LAMP Wiki.

Backup and Restore

See UoL LAMP Backups

Planned Updates

Patches and updates will be applied every other Tuesday. Except for emergency security updates which could happen at any time. Some updates will be more disruptive than others and outages are only foreseen a few times a year. We should be warned of any major disruption.


How To

Getting Help

Create a New LAMP Server

  • Contact the RCS Support.
  • There is no cost implication.

Add a New DNS Entry for a LAMP Server

  • Contact the RCS Support.

Get and Install a certificate

  1. Certificates are installed on the Pound server.
  2. To set a site up with SSL, contact the RCS Support.

Login from Outside the University

  1. ssh to using university username and password
  2. From there you can ssh on to the appropriate LampServer

Send Email from a LAMP server

  1. Should send mail using their own Postfix installation (i.e. localhost).
  2. Alternatively, use as a relay, but this requires a valid account.


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