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UoL LAMP Server Security Statement

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Adapted from a response by the University of Leicester Research Computing Support team

  • All LAMP servers are virtual. The physical servers are located at the University of Leicester main site.
  • Servers are backed up nightly and the backups are sent to a University of Leicester remote site.
  • Physical access to the servers access is restricted to IT Services and Estate Staff.
  • Access to the Operating System is restricted to the LCBRU IT and University of Leicester Research Computing Support teams.
  • Servers may be accessed from the internet and are protected by the University of Leicester firewall.
  • Each application is separated onto its own virtual server and thus protected from breaches in other applications.
  • Authentication for access to the operating system is provided by University of Leicester Windows network authentication, which enforces a strong password policy.
  • Servers are monitored and regularly patched for security vulnerabilities.
  • The servers are regularly penetration tested using Nessus.
  • Connections to the server pass through a reverse proxy, that strips out requests and request content which may compromise security.
  • Encryption using SSL (HTTPS), when used, is managed centrally, with the ciphers regularly reviewed and updated.

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