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UoL LAMP Backups

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Server Backups

The LAMP servers are backed up hourly automatically as part of the LAMP service, although no separate database back up is taken.

To restore from a back up, contact the ​RCS Support.

Database Backups

All databases are backed up daily, weekly and monthly by running the /local/ script from wwwrun's crontab. The backups are stored in daily, weekly or monthly sub-directory in the /local/backup directory and zipped to save space. The most recent daily backup is also stored in the /local/backup/Latest directory.

Backups are removed after a period of time, depending on their type:

6 days
3 weeks
3 months

Restoring Databases

  1. If the database exists, remove the database by running the command DROP DATABASE {database name} from the mysql command prompt.
  2. Unzip the backup file by running gunzip {database name}-{backup date}.gz
  3. Recreate the database by running the command mysql -u {username} -p {database name}{backup date}

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