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DataShield Summary

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Faesibility study for use with Coronary ARtery DIsease Genome wide Replication and Meta-analysis consortium (CARDIoGRAM).


  1. Test syndicated queries internal to BRU.
  2. Prof to approach a partner organisation (probably Oxford, Ottawa or Lubec?) to test inter-site communication.
  3. Roll out to other sites.

How Tos


Three servers are established on LAMP as per the SystemAdmin page.

  • lcbru-opal1 (LAMP143): DNS alias
  • lcbru-opal2 (LAMP144): DNS alias
  • lcbru-datashield (LAMP145): DNS alias

Installation instructions

Notes from Bristol colleagues on setting up the Opal data sources:

Notes for setting up a client system:

Olly passed on some notes he had made about getting Opal and DataShield to work on UOL LAMP servers at:

The DataShield project itself has another set of instructions at:


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