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Opal HowTo Import Data

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  1. Create a project from Projects > Add Project
  2. Remember to select the data database.
  3. In the project Files tab, create 2 folders called Dictionaries and Uploaded Data. This is just a suggestion.
  4. Select the Dictionaries folder and click the Upload button to upload the dictionary files. (See the format in the Upload data resource above)
  5. In the Uploaded Data folder upload the data files.
  6. NB: It expects CSV files to have comma separators. If the file is tab delimited, it requires the file to have a TSV extension.
  7. Go to the Tables tab in the project and select the Add Table button and select Add/update tables from dictionary.
  8. Browse for the dictionary file in the project dictionary folder and follow the dialogue.
  9. Then also in the Tables tab, click on the Import button.
  10. Select CSV format and click Next.
  11. Browse for the data file in the project files.
  12. Change the name of the table to the table that you want the data uploading into.
  13. NB: If the file is tab delimited, you need to change the delimiter to \t in the advanced settings.
  14. Click next and select the dictionary definition and click finish to import.
  15. The data is loaded in a background task that can be viewed in the project Tasks tab.

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