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BRICCS reduced questionnaire

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For enrolment into BRICCS Study (initially for Aortic Stenosis Study only) at remote sites, we are developing a reduced recruitment questionnaire.

Risk factor stage

Can take out questions on FHx where we ask about onset age (except for CAD where it is very useful) and treament in the external questionnaires.

Can take out the questions on relatives' life/death status and cause of death for external sites?

Family History

This is a big time sink in the current questionnaire. Could we have branching logic based on questions like "does anyone in your family have DISEASE?" and only then ask the individual questions. This change should be implemented in ALL questionnaires, including the UHL internal one.

Could we add a question to those who have family history of valve disease, to ask if they know which disease?

Other possible changes

  • Move height and weight from the Data Submission stage to a face-to-face stage so that the patient can actually be measured or take the patient's answer? Or have a second set of questions? This would be a change of practice, but is indicated because the data is often not found in the notes especially for study specific recruitment which doesn't always follow on an inpatient or outpatient episode? Preference seems to be for adding questions and getting the patients answer rather than measuring. And if they don't know, offer to measure / weigh them. Does this need an ethics amendment? This should be implemented for ALL sites.

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