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REDCap Instance Live N3

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Technical Details

Internal URL
External URL
Database config
Database Type
Database Server
Error Logging
Apache Config
Authentication Type
Table based
See UHL Backup

Security Statement

The REDCap Instance Live N3 adheres to the UhlLinuxServer Security Statement

The REDCap Instance Live N3 adheres to the N3 Application Security Statement


1. Authentication is provided by the REDCap application.  For details and documentation about the REDCap software, please see:
2. The application is a web application which should run on any PC with a modern browser.  The site has been tested with Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer 11.
3. The application is only visible to computers within the N3 networkto computers with IP addresses within the ranges of our partner organisations.

4. Users log into REDCap with a username and password.  Passwords must be at least 9 characters and must consist of at least one lower-case letter, one upper-case letter, and one number.

5. User access is limited to the specific study and site to which they belong.

Risk Assessment

See UhlLinuxServer N3 Risk Assessment

Cron Tasks

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