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OpenClinica Summary

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OpenClinica is software for collecting data for clinical research.

  • OpenClinica allows you to define sets of study data to be entered by clinicians.
  • The definitions are recorded in Excel spreadsheets and are version controlled. So that when data is extracted you can tell the particular version of a question the clinician was asked and what options they were give.
  • Data can be entered manually into OpenClinica? or it can be imported from a spreadsheet.
  • The import process requires you to map the column in the spreadsheet to a particular version of a question in a CRF. (In the demonstration the column in the spreadsheet was renamed to be specific question ID from the CRF XML definition. I don't know if this is necessary or helps with the mapping.) The mapping can then be saved and reused with many spreadsheets.
  • Importing seems to be done in 2 stages. The first stage takes the input file and converts it to several mapped files. (So as not to be too large?) The mapped files are then imported.

How To




Provided by RDCIT

  • OpenClinica Instance RDCIT OCPlay
  • Insecure instance in Cambridge not secure for storing Patient Identifiable Data and so is called OC Anonymous.
  • RDCIT have commissioned a server in a data centre in Liverpool that will comply with various security requirements and so will be suitable for patient identifiable data. This will be called OC Secure and should be ready in June.


  1. Do not include semicolons in CRF field names, because they break OpenClinica. I wonder why?

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