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OpenClinica HowTo Import Data

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  1. Convert a CSV file into a CDSIC XML file using Odin
  2. If importing data for patients at a site level, choose the site in Odin, but always import into OpenClinica from within the study level.
  3. Select the Import option from the Tasks menu.
  4. Select the Odin output file.
  5. Error messages are displayed in red. If you get an error, correct the data in the CSV file and redo the Odin transformation, reusing the mapping file.
  6. Error messages are not always shown, but you can tell if the import has not worked because it will ask you to upload a file at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Errors often occur in look ups, which it calls Response Sets, because the data contains an invalid option.
  8. Data can be imported into the same event / events multiple times, with the values overwriting the existing data. If the column does not exist in the new data set, the value will not be overwritten.


There is a OCDataImporter desktop client that is hard to use, does not import repeating values, but does give better error messages than Odin.

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