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CiviCRM Summary

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CiviCRM is a Contact Relationship Management tool which we run as a Drupal module. At the LCBRU we use it to manage patient enrollments into research studies.

How To

Modules and Updates

Standard Modules

LCBRU Modules

CiviCRM Modules are Drupal Modules

Cross Study Utilities

Study Modules

Most study modules are quite small as they are usually only responsible for a few functions, such as:

  1. Setting up Case Type, custom data and activity time lines
  2. Validating study specific custom data, such as Study ID
  3. Study ID generation and Study Label Printing.

Other study modules contain much more processing.

LCBRU Extensions

As well as modules CiviCRM can also be customised by writing a CiviCRM Extension.





Information Governance


For now: SystemAdmin

Legacy Pages

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