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A csv template (CiviUpload Template from website registration of interest.csv) is saved in BRICCS\SCAD\Civi. This will need to be examined before upload to remove registrations from interested doctors, family members and friends of SCAD survivors.

Upload process:

  • Login to CiviCRM
  • From the 'Contacts' menu, select Import Contacts
  • Choose data source - leave as default 'csv'
  • Upload csv file - 'Tour file name & location' & check the box marked 1st row contains column headers.
  • Import options, Leave contact type as Individual BUT also select the subtype as 'Subject'
  • Dedupe rule should be Name & Email
  • Click continue.

The next screen will ask you to match the column headers in your csv file to the existing fields in Civi to which the data will be uploaded.

  • Click 'Upload'

A pop up will advise you of any potential errors or omissions in the upload and of how many records will successfully be imported. Correct any issues and save the file and repeat the process if necessary.

  • Click 'Upload'

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