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i2b2 HowTo Import DM+D Data

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  1. Download DM+D File from the HSCIC.
  2. Copy the zip file into V:\IT projects\DataLoads\DMD\History folder.
  3. Unzip the files and replace the files in V:\IT projects\DataLoads\DMD\Data with the ones from the extracted zip. The files will need renaming:
    1. f_vtm2_{date}.xml -> vtm_drugs.xml
    2. f_vmp2_{date}.xml -> vmp_virtual_products.xml
    3. f_vmpp2_{date}.xml -> vmpp_virtual_packs.xml
    4. f_amp2_{date}.xml -> amp_actual_products.xml
    5. f_ampp2_{date}.xml -> ampp_actual_packs.xml
  4. Open the i2b2ClinicalDataLoad application in visual studio.
  5. Run the package DMDLoad.dtsx.
  6. The package loads the into the DM+D database on the UHLSQLPRIME01\UHLBRICCSDB server.

Things to note:

  • The package cannot be copied to the server and scheduled as it cannot then see the network drive to load the data. Hopefully this can be sorted out.
  • The XSDs for the XML files are stored in the V:\IT projects\DataLoads\DMD\Definitions directory. These are the same as the ones provided in the ZIP file downloaded from HSCIC, but with the ID fields converted from a data type of xs:integer to xs:unsignedLong

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