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The word "domain" is used within the i2b2 world. Not yet sure of its meaning. The following appears in the "Data Installation Guide_1-5-1.pdf".

The data loaded into the three i2b2hive db_lookup tables presumes that the default target location pointing 
to the hive you are currently setting up is “i2b2demo”. 

This target location is also referred to as the domain of the hive and should match the
domain that is setup in during PM setup.

In the client file:

The I2b2.1 target location (“demo”) points to the hive residing on the vmware image.

The I2b2.2 target location (“HarvardDemo”) points to the hive residing at Harvard.

The data installed at Harvard is identical to the data provided in this package. 

The hive you are currently setting up is I2b2.3. Please be sure to rename “YourSite” to “i2b2demo”.

I haven't yet checked the data inserted into the tables, but the properties file referred to regarding the client is (I believe) the workbench properties file. The tags I2b2.1 through to 3 (in effect I2b2.n where n is a number referring to the domains you wish to access) is used to populate the dropdown list in the login box for the workbench.

The webclient (installed at PM cell installation time) also has a javascript config file referred to in the PM_Installation_Guide_1-5.pdf where you will find the following:

The webclient is pre-configured for a localhost domain of ‘i2b2demo’. If you are
upgrading from a system with a different domain or want to specify a different
domain, edit the file admin/i2b2_config_data.js accordingly.

   {name: "localhost",
       domain: "yourDomain",
       debug: true,
       urlCellPM: "http://localhost:9090/i2b2/rest/PMService/"

So "yourDomain" should be changed to "i2b2demo", or whatever name you choose for the domain installation.

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