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There was a meeting for the i2b2 AUG on October 13th 2010. NH attended via Webex.

Technical Workshop for i2b2 Version 1.6 (Murphy, Mendis) New version 1.6 on the way with more search abilities, including 'same episode' data elements, ontology-driven searches, same-visit data (but what counts as same visit?) Can express modifiers in i2b2 - e.g. dose, route, freq for drugs. Details on the wiki - see below.

i2b2 Plans 2010-2014 (Kohane, Murphy) - many of the presentations from today are in the "developers' forum" section Working on GARLIC - genomic analysis results library integration cell they're anticipating greater community involvement - wiki, jira, svn, etc. - scope for 'related projects' to be run alongside i2b2. They've worked up process models for supported and related projects. Info on the wiki.

i2b2 “Crimson” Cell Update (Bry) Working on an i2b2 - crimson cell, crimson is a sample management tool at Brigham and Women's Hospital. This is like the i2b2-caTissue work we've seen elsewhere. See

Hot Topic 1: Ontologies (Moderated by Davera Gabriel) Field Reports from: i2b2-NCBO Collaboration (Shah, Murphy) HOM Integration with NCBO BioPortal (Wynden) Much work being done on integration of NCBO ontologies. Provides link to many different 'provider friendly' ontologies. Working with HLI to do this, but license??? - restful web services for onotology lookup and mappings, this relates to the work of the HOM - health ontology mapper.

Hot Topic 2: Mega i2b2: Registries and Networks (Moderated by Keith Marsolo) Field Reports from: SHRINE (Doug MacFadden) ImproveCareNow Registry (Pediatric IBD) (Marsolo) CARRANet (Pediatric Rheumatology) (Natter) They're also working on i2b2 for a registry, which is interesting, given our current plan for developing a registry. Data elements very difficult to bring across: quality, completeness, concepts of an 'encounter' is not clear, creating an internal registry is difficult, combining them is really difficult. Getting the data from the EHR is inconsistent. They are doing lots of work on SHRINE and the capacity for data sharing.

Hot Topic 3: Temporal Queries (Moderated by Zak Kohane and Griffin Weber) Work in progress to allow queries based on concepts like "most recent" rather than just "between X date and Y date".

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