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Townsend Deprivation Index

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Building of the Postcode_Townsend_Scores

First I downloaded and imported the Townsend_Scores and LSOA data for Scores based on 2001 census From Public Health England Then I downloaded and imported the LSOA to Postcode lookup CSV file From Office for National Statistics

Note: There are scripts which may be useful in generating the Scores based on 2011 Census available form GitHub
However these are written in R programming language, Chris in the Stats team is familiar with R and may be able to help get the scripts going. For now we'll go with the 2001 scores and revisit that later.

Once imported to UHLSQLPRIME01\UHLBRICCSDB.reporting database as tables TownsendScores and PC_LSOA I created a View joining the both with the distinct listing of postcodes within the Genvasc study.

.dbo.Postcode_Townsend_Scores Then I joined then to match up the lot :-)

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