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Spacelabs ABPM Summary

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The ABP monitors used in the LCBRU are SpaceLabs models, and the software to read, and pre-configure them, is called SpaceLabs 92506 ABP Report Management System.

It is installed on UHL network PCs in the TMF Clinical Room 1, and also Jay Gracey's PC, Sue Coolman's PC and Ellie Clarke's PC (both in the CRF office). To install, local admin rights are needed, and the installation also involves attaching the proprietary USB cable, and a monitor device, to install the USB drivers.

The software is held on disks in the research nurses office. Currently version 3.0.3 is installed. Do not use the version 1 disk (which is intended for earlier versions of Windows).

Currently the software does not appear to allow for automated backup procedures. I have submitted a request to the company for advice, and in the meantime, copied the SQL database file from each of Sue and Ellie's PCs to the GRAPHIC2 folder on the network share. GRAPHIC2 is the only study using ABPM data currently.

There are some readings on the PC in "room one" of the TMF, and some on a PC in respiratory physiology (on a machine which was also used for clinical recordings). We need to back up all of these. We can do a 'Save as...' from the ABPM software which allows us to save csv files. So I've done that for the two machines upstairs and the one in room one. The old PC from respiratory physiology cannot connect to the UHL domain right now, so we can't log on. So for the time being, the 15 or so on that machine are not saved. I've logged a support call to resolve this.

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