wiki:OpenSpecimen HowTo Use Expedited Entry for a Study

OpenSpecimen HowTo Use Expedited Entry for a Study

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Procedure 1

  1. Find the cp_id of the protocol to use the expedited method. This can be obtained from the URL when viewing the protocol or its participants. For example
  1. Alternatively, find the cp_id by ruuning the query:
SELECT IDENTIFIER AS cp_id, TITLE FROM catissue_collection_protocol;
  1. Log into the database and select the record from the os_cp_workflows table:
SELECT * FROM os_cp_workflows;
  1. Take note of the CP_ID of a process that currently uses the expedited method.
  2. Duplicate the existing record with the new ID:
INSERT INTO os_cp_workflows SELECT {new_cp_id}, WORKFLOWS FROM os_cp_workflows WHERE CP_ID = {old_cp_id};

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