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OpenSpecimen HowTo Install

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  1. Log onto the appropriate LAMP server.
  2. cd /local
  3. Download this repository using the command svn export
  4. cd v3.2
  5. Backup the database.
  6. Run the command ./
  7. If the process is still running, kill it using sudo -u wwwrun kill {process id}
  8. Amend loadmodule.conf to:
    # Tomcat - used for JBoss
    #LoadModule jk_module /usr/lib64/apache2/
    # Proxy to divert to the JBoss Application Server
    LoadModule proxy_module                   /usr/lib64/apache2-prefork/
    LoadModule proxy_http_module               /usr/lib64/apache2-prefork/
  9. Amend httpd.cong to
    # Proxy to provide access to the JBoss Application Server
     ProxyPass / http://localhost:8280/ timeout=180
     ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:8280/
     ProxyTimeout 180
    # Use mod_jk to forward to JBoss - not used now, cos it broke
    # Include /local/apache2/etc/mod.d/mod_jk.conf
  10. sudo -u wwwrun /local/openspecimen/
  11. Check it starts by running tail -f /local/openspecimen/app/logs/catalina.out
  12. Check for errors by running tail -f /local/openspecimen/openspecimen.log

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