wiki:OpenSpecimen HowTo Backup Database for Development Server

OpenSpecimen HowTo Backup Database for Development Server

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  1. Run the following command to back up the database, but ignore the audit files, which are very large:
mysqldump -u lampuser -p --events --routines --triggers --ignore-table=catissueplus30.catissue_data_audit_event_log --ignore-table=catissueplus30.catissue_audit_event_query_log --ignore-table=catissueplus30.catissue_audit_event_details --ignore-table=catissueplus30.catissue_audit_event_log --ignore-table=catissueplus30.catissue_audit_event catissueplus30 > caTissue.sql
  1. When you restore the DB over the existing DB on the other machine, you have to make sure that the {Open Specimen Directory}/app/webapps/openspecimen/WEB-INF/classes/ field datasource.type is set to upgrade. (I think! It errors if you don't do this. It errors if you do, but still seems to work.)

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