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Odin HowTo Convert CSV

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  1. Select the CSV file in the Odin input file format
  2. Odin validates that the mandatory columns are valid
  3. Import subjects. This step creates the subjects in OpenClinica.
  4. Schedule Events. You have to select which events to schedule in OpenClinica for the data to be entered into.
    1. If the event is already scheduled, it will error.
    2. If the event is a repeating event, it will schedule a new event even if there is an uncompleted one already there.
  5. Upload mapping file (if you have one).
  6. Define CRF Versions. You have to pick which versions of the CRFs the import data is for. It does not guess the CRFs from the events that you have scheduled.
  7. Mapping. It shows the CRF fields and the CSV columns, and allows you to drag the columns to the appropriate field to create a mapping.
  8. Create CSV file. The CSV file can then be downloaded from ODIN to import into OpenClinica as normal.

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