wiki:MRBS HowTo Install Using Docker

Please read Docker HowTo Install before installing MRBS

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Prerequisites if required

Step 1 - Install Docker

Docker HowTo Install

Step 2 - Install Git

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install git

Step 3 - Install NGINX

NGINX HowTo Install Using Docker

Install MRBS using Docker

  1. On the host machine go to directory

cd /local/docker/<USER>/

  1. Go to this directory and checkout from docker_appointments

sudo git clone

sudo chmod -R 777 docker_appointments/

This will create a directory /local/docker/<USER>/docker_briccs_labels

  1. To build the image :

sudo docker build -t lcbruit/appointments_install:v1.1 .

  1. To run the docker container :

sudo docker run -v /share:/share -itd -p 81:80 lcbruit/appointments_install:v1.1

  1. Test BRICCS Label Printing :

  1. If required amend to NGINX configuration, particularly /share/nginx.conf
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