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LEGACY - UoL LAMP Preparation Discussion

So far what we have in place within the University environment is rather piecemeal. We have:

  • A non-VM machine (briccs-1) which currently hosts a very small application indeed (Labels Webapp).
  • VM briccs-2 which hosts the code repository (but I think Dave has this replicated somewhere too)
  • VM briccs-3 which hosts the caTissue evaluation.

The latter two VM's are on out-of-warranty hardware. The code repository and caTissue evaluation are becoming increasingly valuable. With LAMP some two months away, we need to consider what to do.

Live Production Systems.


  • Do we use briccs-1 as is? In other words, first migrate caTissue evaluation into this environment. Then if LAMP is still not available when required, do the same for i2b2. This means all our key production applications will be hosted in one environment, but the hardware is at least in warranty. The database is also hosted on briccs-1.
  • Alternatively, could we reconfigure the briccs-1 machine to host VM's? If we do this, now is probably the best time, with so little on it.

Development Systems.

Code repository, artifact repository, issue tracking. We do have these, but mostly on the cloud as an initiative from Dave.

Test Systems.

What we have with briccs-3 is a little thin on its own.

Possibilities regarding Dev and Test.


  • Move all of dev onto Dave's setup: most is there already. Then use briccs-2 and -3 as our test VM's and hope (a) they are sufficient and (b) the hardware does not go kaput.
  • Move all of dev onto Dave's setup. Ask for the VM's that we have to be reconfigured to provide more in number but smaller? This may be sufficient, but the hardware may still go kaput.
  • Make a list of what we require in the way of VM's for dev and test. Number, size, OS.

At the end of the day, everything needs to reside on University infrastructure. If so, we cannot do anything that makes it difficult to move into the proposed LAMP setup. Are there alternatives I haven't seen?

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