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The two key use cases (from one of Nick's emails):

1) User submits data to caTissue such that participant(s) are created and assigned to the BRICCS Study collection protocol, primary samples received are logged, derived samples are recorded, and aliquots are created, and located, appropriately.
2) User submits an excel chart style array of aliquot barcodes and a box identifier, such that caTissue can update the location of the aliquots with reference to their container (the box) and their location within the box (the grid reference).


Here is a fairly generic strategy:

  • Develop the use cases, in sufficient detail to be able to...
  • Translate use cases into actions using caTissue's domain objects
  • Analyse in terms of client API and / or bulk operations
    1. For client API
      1. Decide the user interface
      2. Evaluate how to use the 2-d barcode reader
    2. For bulk operations
      1. Design template file
      2. Design utility (or find a utility?) to export csv file from a spreadsheet
  • Code and Test

Domain Objects

Below is a list of Java classes that constitute all of the domain objects apart from pathology. I'm unsure about whether those that have "event" in the name will be relevant or not. Of the rest, we need to isolate those that are the main ones in our use cases and build up a picture of how they are related to each other. We can then begin eliminating the rest.   ===============>> A factory object. May repay some studying.  ===============>> A factory object. May repay some studying.

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