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LCBRU Administration

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The Leicester Cardiovascular Biomedical Reserach Unit


See the BRU Staff Directory or look in the University Staff Directory


Lab Calendar
Calendar on the NIHR Hub that is shared by the lab staff and the BRICCS nurses
BRICCS Calendar
UHL calendar called 'BRICCS Mailbox', but it is actually used by many studies (each study has a different colour) to record appointments and annual leave.
University Network Drives
University Network Drives
Finance Spreadsheets
In progress
Staff Timesheets
Shared with the nurses on the NIHR Hub, which feed a master timesheet that is administered by Kelley Green and Sarah Worthy. Viewable by Lorraine Shipley and Jay Gracy and Emma Parker.
Staff Annual Leave
Kelley Green
MRBS Summary
Event Booking
LCBRU Events Registration Website
Random ID Generation
CiviCRM Module Unique ID Generator


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