i2b2 Software Prerequisites

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The recommended version is 6.0 or higher. A JDK is required as the deploy procedures involve compilation.


The recommended version is 4.2.2GA. I've gone with this so far, but would like to experiment with a later version.

Apache Ant

The recommended version is 1.6.5 but I've used 1.7.1 and I suspect any at 1.6.5 or above would be suitable.

Ant is required for deployment.

Apache Axis2

The required version is 1.1


The recommended DB flavours are Oracle and SqlServer.

The current feeling is to install the free Oracle-XE, which is 32bit in the Linux environment. Oracle-XE is limited to 4GB of space and 1GB of memory.

I've chosen to use the European install rather than the universal 2 byte install. Thought it might save some space.

My best guess at the moment is that we will not exceed 500MB of database space within the first year. We should have enough latitude to investigate whether MySql or Postgres might be used before we run out of steam with Oracle-XE.


  1. Is there a licence limitation on the number of users?
  2. We will be using parallel i2b2 systems. So: 2 copies of Oracle-XE. Could this infringe some licensing condition?


Other software prerequisites seem to be bundled with the individual installs.

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