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FSP Local File Share Summary

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CRC Level 2 computer room

We have a storage server installed in the CRC which is provisioned by the UOL IT Services, but with us having exclusive use of it.

Mark Penny (IT Services) says:\shared-data

The folder structure is as follows to allow flexibility if the storage needs to be expanded in the future.

1: The UNC path to the server share.

2: The root folders below the share. These are Read Only and cannot be changed. No additional files or folders can be added at this level.

If you try to add a file/folder or change the existing folders you will receive this message. This is perfectly normal and is because an action that is not permitted has been attempted.

3: The Data folder at the next level

4: Files and folders can be created, modified and deleted here.

This design of folder and associated ACLs allows further storage to be added in the future without having to apply new ACLS to the entire file system. Any new storage will go in as a new “Data(/n/) folder, e.g. Data3 and so on.

I have added your username to the group to allow access. Please log a call with the help desk specifying the user name and requesting that it be added to this AD group:


Amir Hakimi will also have full access to the share. To begin with, Don Jones and Amir will use 'Data1' and do some test transfers of data so that we can evaluate the service.

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