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EGC software Summary - Polaris One

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Nihon Kohden
Jay's GRAPHIC Laptop.
Data Location

How To

Import ECG Data from SD Cards

  1. In polaris One software go to Record list > Extras > Import ECG
  2. Datasource = File System
  3. Browse to data location (see above)
  4. Click start
  5. Click on the pipeline at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Highlight the line to process and click New patient
  7. Enter the required fields and click Save.

Export ECGs

  1. In Polaris One software go to Record List > Extras > Export ECG
  2. Select location and click Export
  3. Data can be exported as several different file types, including PDF and XML - you have to select which ones to export.
  4. A file is created for each patient of each type, with the filename being the patient's ID followed by the appropriate extension.

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