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  • The information is stored in the DWEPMA database on the data warehouse server.
  • The formulary is based on the First Databank standard.
    • The version in use is not the latest version.
    • The latest version is in test, but there have been problems.
    • It contains the same drugs multiple times for different manufacturers.
  • The prescription data does not always contain all the information (dosage, route, frequency, duration) as this may be added by the person who administers the drug.
  • Once created, prescriptions are never altered.
    • Incorrect prescriptions are stopped and a new prescription is issued.


  • Depending on how closely the formulary sticks to the First Databank National Drug Data File (NDDF), it may be possible to use the RxNorm standard as an ontology or as a way to map the codes to SNOMEDCT.
  • Dosage, route, frequency, duration can be stored in i2b2 as modifiers. This would require i2b2 to updated version 1.6.
  • Another possibility is to user the National Centre for Bio-Ontology (NCBO) tools. Click Mappings tab and select 'National Drug Data File' from the options to show all the NDDF mappings, which contains a link to a mapping for SNOMED.
  • Also investigate First Databank to use SNOWMED CT article.


Term Name Description Example
TTY Term TypeThe acronyms listed belowIN, SCDF, GPCK
IN IngredientA compound or moiety that gives the drug its distinctive clinical properties. Ingredients generally use the United States Adopted Name (USAN).Fluoxetine
PIN Precise IngredientA specified form of the ingredient that may or may not be clinically active. Most precise ingredients are salt or isomer forms.Fluoxetine Hydrochloride
MIN Multiple IngredientsTwo or more ingredients appearing together in a single drug preparation, created from SCDF. In rare cases when IN/PIN or PIN/PIN combinations of the same base ingredient exist, created from SCD.Fluoxetine / Olanzapine
DF Dose FormSee Appendix 2 for a full list of Dose Forms.Oral Solution
DFG Dose Form GroupSee Appendix 3 for a full list of Dose Form Groups.Oral Liquid
SCDC Semantic Clinical Drug ComponentIngredient + StrengthFluoxetine 4 MG/ML
SCDF Semantic Clinical Drug FormIngredient + Dose FormFluoxetine Oral Solution
SCDG Semantic Clinical Dose Form GroupIngredient + Dose Form GroupFluoxetine Oral Product
SCD Semantic Clinical Drug Ingredient + Strength + Dose FormFluoxetine 4 MG/ML Oral Solution
BN Brand NameA proprietary name for a family of products containing a specific active ingredient.Prozac
SBDC Semantic Branded Drug ComponentIngredient + Strength + Brand NameFluoxetine 4 MG/ML [Prozac]
SBDF Semantic Branded Drug FormIngredient + Dose Form + Brand NameFluoxetine Oral Solution [Prozac]
SBDG Semantic Branded Dose Form GroupIngredient + Dose Form Group + Brand NameProzac Pill
SBD Semantic Branded DrugIngredient + Strength + Dose Form + Brand NameFluoxetine 4 MG/ML Oral Solution [Prozac]
SY SynonymSynonym of another TTY, given for clarity.Prozac 4 MG/ML Oral Solution
TMSY Tall Man Lettering SynonymTall Man Lettering synonym of another TTY, given to distinguish between commonly confused drugs.FLUoxetine 10 MG Oral Capsule [PROzac]
BPCK Brand Name PackA list of drugs provided in a branded pack. {# (Ingredient Strength Dose Form) / # (Ingredient Strength Dose Form)} Pack [Brand Name]{12 (Ethinyl Estradiol 0.035 MG / Norethindrone 0.5 MG Oral Tablet) / 9 (Ethinyl Estradiol 0.035 MG / Norethindrone 1 MG Oral Tablet) / 7 (Inert Ingredients 1 MG Oral Tablet) } Pack [Leena 28 Day]
GPCK Generic PackA list of drugs provided in a generic pack. {# (Ingredient + Strength + Dose Form) / # (Ingredient + Strength + Dose Form)} Pack{11 (varenicline 0.5 MG Oral Tablet) / 42 (varenicline 1 MG Oral Tablet) } Pack
NDC National Drug CodesCodes that RxNorm seeks to mapSNOMEDCT code or First Databank code

For a full list, see the Abbreviations guide.

RxNorm Data Files

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