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Data Request Procedure

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When asked for an extract of data from i2b2 there is a procedure that must be followed to record the details of the study for which the data has been requested, the criteria used to search the data and the data given to the clinician from i2b2.


Below is the procedure as it currently stands. A discussion of possible improvements to the procedure follows.

  1. Create a new folder for the request in the BRICCS network drive: V:\BRICCS data requests. The folder should have a number prefix followed by a descriptive name to aid identification.
  2. Create a copy of the data request form from the previous request folder.
  3. Update the form with details of the study, the requester, the request name and number, and the requirements.
  4. Include the BRU Number or Ethics Committee Approval Code, if available.
  5. Include whether the study has been CRLN approved.
  6. Only proceed with the request if it has a BRU Number or is very likely to get one.
  7. Translate the requirements into i2b2 criteria and record these on the form.
  8. Always include the consent_3 = 'Y' criterion from the BRICCS questionnaire.
  9. Run the query to identify the number of patients that match.
  10. Until a BRU Number or Ethics Committee Approval Code has been provided, patient details cannot be provided. However, it is OK to provided the number of patients and break this down into different groups based on demographics, etc.
  11. Record in the request form exactly what details have been provided.
  12. Save a copy of the data sent to the researcher in the folder.

Topics for Discussion

  • Should we use the TRAC ticket system to record requests?
  • If we saved the requests in TRAC or elsewhere, would we still save copies of the files sent to researchers in a request folder?

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