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Medilog Darwin is analysis software for holter monitors that measure heart rate and rhythm over a long period of time, say 24 hours. The software is used primarily by Anna Marie Marsh and John McAdam in the TMF.

The software is available from ScanMed Medical - details at

Contacts at ScanMed are

  • Simon Dickinson (simondickinson@…)
  • Justin Davis (justindavis@…)

The software downloads the measurements from the SD card from the monitor device. It saves the information into a recordings directory and a Firebird database. The recordings directory and Firebird database may either be stored locally (for the server) or remotely (for the clients).



Machine Name
IP Address
TMF Exercise Room
Recording directory
Database File
Recording Share Location
  • Individual users of the Darwin software must have read/write permissions for the Recording Share.
  • The server requires a dongle to inserted into a USB port to provide the licence.

Client 1

Machine Name
TMF Echo Room

Client 2

Research fellows office on the cardiology admin corridor, first floor of the hospital

How To

Install Server

  1. Log onto the server with a local admin account
  2. Download the Darwin zip file from the University Departmental X Drive \Cardiovascual Sciences\BRU\it strategic development folder.
  3. Run the Autorun file
  4. Click the Install button
  5. Change the default password for the Firebird database ...
  6. Open a command window and cd into \Program Files\Firebird\Firebird {version}\bin
  7. Run the command:
    gsec -user sysdba -pass masterkey -modify sysdba -pw {new_password}
  8. Create a share called Recordings pointing to the Recordings directory. Currently E:\Database\Recordings.
  9. Give all the users that need to use Darwin all permissions except Full Control for the Recording folder and its children.
  10. Open the Darwin Admin tool
  11. Set the custom database username and password
  12. Set the database pass as local to E:\Database\EVOLUTION2.FDB
  13. Set the raw_data folder to the Recordings folder. This may give a warning about recording being deleted, but what it actually means is that recording is the previous folder will not longer be available.
  14. Set the central license server name to the server name.
  15. Make sure the dongle has been inserted.
  16. On the setup tab make sure that the drive letters point to the drive letters that the SD cards will be plugged into.
  17. On the users tab add the darwinuser account and any other accounts that are needed.
  18. Allow connections to port 3050 in the Windows firewall.
  19. Test logging in to the Darwin application proper
  20. Test backing up the database and recordings.

Install Client

Same as the server install, except:

  1. Only install Darwin and Firebird. You must still update the Firebird default password.
  2. In the configuration set the database as a server database and the raw_data directory as the Recordings share.


  1. Log into the admin tool
  2. Click the button to back up the database and recordings
  3. Save the back up to E:\backups\{new folder} . The new folder needs to be empty.
  4. Copy the backup folder to the university X Drive \Cardiovascual Sciences\BRU\Darwin Backups folder.

Troubleshooting and Gotchas

Cannot Initialise SD Card for use in a Holter

  1. Check that the upload drives set in the Darwin Admin Tool are pointing to the correct drive letter.

Cannot Upload Recording from a client machine to the database

  1. Use the Darwin Licence Browser to check that the client is picking up a licence.

Darwin does not recognise that an SD card with a recording has been inserted

  1. You need to make sure that the Darwin Observer application is running.
  2. Ideally this should run on start up.

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