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CiviCRM API - Adding Custom Values to Case Get

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Getting entities filtered by the value of custom field is only available for Contacts. Below is a deconstruction of the get API function for Contacts. Hopefully it'll show where the custom field magic happens.

Each method gets a section (with the file it is in parenthesis) which contains a list of the functions that it calls. Hopefully I'll add some explanations of the processes that occurs in each later on.

civicrm_api3_contact_get (api/v2/Contact.php)

The API function.

  1. _civicrm_api3_contact_get_supportanomalies (api/v3/Contact.php)
  2. _civicrm_api3_get_using_query_object (api\v3\utils.php)
  3. civicrm_api3_create_success (api\v3\utils.php)

_civicrm_api3_contact_get_supportanomalies (api/v2/Contact.php)

Changes a few of the parameters around for consistency and convenience.

No functions called

_civicrm_api3_get_using_query_object (api\v3\utils.php)

The comment for this function says that it is a general function for more complex get requests that is only used currently for Contacts, but can, and should, be extended for use by other entities. However, there is explicit use of the Contact BAO object in the method, so that aint gonna work is it?

  1. _civicrm_api3_get_options_from_params (api\v3\utils.php)
  2. civicrm_api($entity, 'getfields', array('version' => 3, 'action' => 'get'));
  3. CRM_Contact_BAO_Query::convertFormValues (CRM/Contact/BAO/Query.php)
  4. CRM_Core_DAO::createSqlFilter (CRM\Core\DAO.php)
  5. CRM_Contact_BAO_Query::apiQuery (CRM/Contact/BAO/Query.php)

civicrm_api3_create_success (api\v3\utils.php)

This wraps the the values created from the specific API request with things like count and is_error, etc. It also does some legacy shenanigans. Calls nothing else of importance.

_civicrm_api3_get_options_from_params (api\v3\utils.php)

This function extracts the common API options from the parameters. It also extracts and standardises the 'return' properties. It calls nothing else of importance.

CRM_Contact_BAO_Query::convertFormValues (CRM/Contact/BAO/Query.php)

Converts some of parameters from one format (presumably that used to display them on a form) to another (presumably one used by the database).

  1. CRM_Contact_BAO_Query::fixDateValues (CRM/Contact/BAO/Query.php)
  2. CRM_Contact_BAO_Query::fixWhereValues (CRM/Contact/BAO/Query.php)

CRM_Contact_BAO_Query::fixDateValues (CRM/Contact/BAO/Query.php)

Splits a date range into a to and from parts. Calls no other methods of interest.

CRM_Contact_BAO_Query::fixWhereValues (CRM/Contact/BAO/Query.php)

Converts a filter to a parameter into an array representing what type of where clause it should be. Calls no other methods of interest.

CRM_Core_DAO::createSqlFilter (CRM\Core\DAO.php)

Converts where clause arrays into the actual where clause strings. Calls nothing else of importance.

CRM_Contact_BAO_Query::apiQuery (CRM/Contact/BAO/Query.php)

This function build up the query string. It makes use of a CRM_Contact_BAO_Query object called query.

  1. query._construct (CRM/contact/BAO/Query.php)
  2. query.generatePermissionClause (CRM/contact/BAO/Query.php)
  3. query.includePseudoFieldsJoin (CRM/contact/BAO/Query.php)
  4. query.query (CRM/contact/BAO/Query.php)
  5. CRM_Core_DAO::executeQuery (CRM/Core/DAO.php)
  6. (CRM/contact/BAO/Query.php)
  7. query.convertToPseudoNames (CRM/contact/BAO/Query.php)

query._construct (CRM/contact/BAO/Query.php)

The constructor refers to self (the current class) and this (the current object).

  1. self.defaultReturnProperties (CRM/contact/BAO/Query.php)
  2. this.setOperator (CRM/contact/BAO/Query.php)
  3. CRM_Contact_BAO_Contact::exportableFields (CRM/contact/BAO/Query.php)
  4. CRM_Core_Component::getQueryFields (CRM/Core/Component.php)
  5. CRM_Activity_BAO_Activity::exportableFields (CRM/Activity/BAO/Activity.php)
  6. CRM_Contact_BAO_Query_Hook::singleton.getFields (CRM/Contact/BAO/Query/Hook.php)
  7. this.initialize (CRM/contact/BAO/Query.php)

self.defaultReturnProperties (CRM/contact/BAO/Query.php)

Returns a set of the fields to be returned for the get request.

  1. CRM_Activity_BAO_Query::defaultReturnProperties (CRM/Activity/BAO/Query.php)
  2. CRM_Core_Component::defaultReturnProperties (CRM/Core/Component.php)

CRM_Activity_BAO_Query::defaultReturnProperties (CRM/Activity/BAO/Query.php)

Returns a list of activity fields to be returned for the get request.

  1. CRM_Core_BAO_CustomField::getFieldsForImport (CRM/Core/BAO/CustomField.php)

CRM_Core_BAO_CustomField::getFieldsForImport (CRM/Core/BAO/CustomField.php)

Returns a list of details about the custom fields for the specified entity.

  1. self::getFields (CRM/Core/BAO/CustomField.php)

self::getFields (CRM/Core/BAO/CustomField.php)

  1. CRM_Contact_BAO_ContactType::subTypes (CRM/Contact/BAO/ContactType.php) - get the subtypes of the class.
  2. CRM_Contact_BAO_ContactType::getBasicType (CRM/Contact/BAO/ContactType.php)] - get the basic (parent?) contact type given the subtype.
  3. CRM_Core_SelectValues::customGroupExtends (CRM/Core/SelectValues.php)] - gets a list of entity types (i think)
  4. CRM_Core_Permission::customGroupClause - Get permission stuff
  5. self::getTableName - gets the table name
  6. CRM_Core_DAO::executeQuery (CRM/Core/DAO.php)

CRM_Core_DAO::executeQuery (CRM/Core/DAO.php)

Instantiates a DAO object and passes it the query to run. The DAO object is by default of type CRM_Core_DAO, but can be of whatever name you pass in.

  1. self::composeQuery (CRM/Core/DAO.php)
  2. CRM_Core_DAO._constructor (CRM/Core/DAO.php)
  3. CRM_Core_DAO.query (CRM/Core/DAO.php)

CRM_Core_DAO.query (CRM/Core/DAO.php)

Runs the query, I think.

  1. DB_DataObject.query (DB/DataObject.php) - i think this may be a in a library.

CRM_Core_DAO._constructor (CRM/Core/DAO.php)

  1. this.initialize (CRM/Core/DAO.php)
  2. this->getTableName - dependent on the entity.

this.initialize (CRM/Core/DAO.php)

  1. this._connect - from the library parent.

self::composeQuery (CRM/Core/DAO.php)

Seems to reformat the value for the where clause based on its type.

CRM_Core_Component::defaultReturnProperties (CRM/Core/Component.php)

Not Checked

this.setOperator (CRM/contact/BAO/Query.php)

Not Checked

CRM_Contact_BAO_Contact::exportableFields (CRM/contact/BAO/Query.php)

Not Checked

CRM_Core_Component::getQueryFields (CRM/contact/BAO/Query.php)

Not Checked

CRM_Activity_BAO_Activity::exportableFields (CRM/Activity/BAO/Activity.php)

Not Checked

CRM_Contact_BAO_Query_Hook::singleton.getFields (CRM/Contact/BAO/Query/Hook.php)

Not Checked

this.initialize (CRM/contact/BAO/Query.php)

Not Checked

query.generatePermissionClause (CRM/contact/BAO/Query.php)

Not Checked

query.includePseudoFieldsJoin (CRM/contact/BAO/Query.php)

Not Checked

query.query (CRM/contact/BAO/Query.php)

Not Checked

CRM_Core_DAO::executeQuery (CRM/Core/DAO.php)

Not Checked (CRM/contact/BAO/Query.php)

Not Checked

query.convertToPseudoNames (CRM/contact/BAO/Query.php)

Not Checked

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