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The CareFusion MicroLab is the spirometry machine in use in the GRAPHIC2 Study.

Jay reports that all the data is stored on the machines themselves (there are two of them) but there needs to be a process to back the data up, and acquire it for the research database.

Process for backup

The CareFusion Spirometry software is installed on the GRAPHIC 2 laptop.

The software requires a hardware USB dongle to activate. Once activated, open the link to the database, which is stored on the BRICCS network share, in the GRAPHIC 2 folder, in the spirometry subfolder.

Currently the file name for the database is "GRAPHIC 2.RDB" - there's a backup version called "GRAPHIC 2 BACKUP.RDB".

With the database open, attach a spirometry machine, plug it in to mains power, and turn it on. In the software, select the "Upload" tab, and then select "Upload new" to upload just those readings which do not exist in the database. Upload all will upload all the readings on the machine into the database, overwriting any which already exist.

On completion, disconnect and turn off the device. Then access the file share, and copy the database file to create a new backup version.


The software can export the data as either CSV or XML format.


The CSV export produces 3 files: one for patients, one for examinations and one for tests. The files have no column headers, so they are pretty hard to make sense of.


The XML file actually looks quite reasonable. I will give an example of my XSLT to extract the data below when I've done it.

Maybe helpful

Apparently Martin Tobin is part of the EXCEED study in respiratory, in which spirometry data is being uploaded from laptops associated with the same CareFusion MicroLab devices to a central SQL database. The acquisition process uses some code written for the project by University IT (Stuart Wood). Maybe Martin Tobin would be happy for us to use the same code for GRAPHIC...

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