Bar Code Readers

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There are three different input devices in use:

  • A single handheld linear barcode reader
  • A desktop single 2d barcode reader - Vision Mate ST 3125
  • A scanner based desktop mounted box 2d barcode reader - Vision Mate High Speed 2d Barcode Reader

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A Quick reference guide to the WASP WWS550i scanner is saved in: V:IT Projects / Work Instructions & SOPs / Barcode scanners/

There are 10 Wasp WLR8950 Barcode Scanners in use as on 20.04.2018:

3 scanners in BRC building, 3-rd floor used by Becky Wrack, Dawn Woods and Chris Greengrass

3 scanners in TMF: in Admin Room, Examination Room 3 and at the Reception

4 Scanners in CRF used by Sue Coolman, Kelly Cooper, Ellie Clarke and Alice Wood

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