wiki:BRICCS Label Printing Trouble Shooting

BRICCS Label Printing Trouble Shooting

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See the troubleshooting section of the manual (see BRICCS Label Printing)

Problem 1


  1. Will not print
  2. Green light constantly flashing
  3. Requests to print hang, but do not error


This worked, but I don't know how much of it is needed.

  1. Restart Tomcat and Apache on the server.
  2. Do hardware reset on the printer (Hold feed until you see a series of 4 flashes - see manual)
  3. Put the printer into 'dump mode' and then exit 'dump mode'

Not exactly sure how I did this. The manual says to turn off the printer and hold the feed button as you turn on the printer. Then let go of the feed button when you see a green light. I don't think that's what I did, but similar. I did attempt to get it into that mode, but the light stayed red. I pressed the feed button, the light turned green and then I held the feed button for 1 flash. It's magic.

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